first few days in toronto

On thursday I threw some clothes in two suitcases and boarded a one-way flight for Toronto. I left the wintery Edmonton landscape and my job as an electrician to attend college in the hopes of becoming a specialist in French cuisine. The following posts will be a first-hand account of my journey from slightly disgruntled and displaced automaton to a creature that has yet to be decided.

The first thing that struck me is the enormous variety of food establishments in this city. For lunch on Thursday, minutes after arriving downtown I consumed a delicious curry-chicken roti wrap and a ginger beer at Hummingbird, a Jamaican restaurant on Queen East. 

I have tried an egg-plant and veal sandwich from Mustachio’s in the St. Lawrence Market and beef cheek pasta at Aprilé Bambina Cucina on Gerrard East. 

It is also a treat to have friends that are all better chefs than myself.

As this journey is not just about eating healthy and delicious food but attempting to promote a healthy social life and physical fitness I will include annotations of exercise and any other sort of shenanigans  I find myself in.   

I start classes on Monday at 7:30am.  Image

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