week one draws to an end

Well folks, the first full week in Toronto is setting into the horizon, and a full week it has been! 

I was riding the “Renegade” (my bike) down Queen on my way to the grocery store and when I crossed a streetcar track I heard a clunk. Thinking “I wonder what that was” I cycled on and it wasn’t until the next set of lights that I realized the brake-pad on the front wheel had ejected itself, thus drastically reducing my braking power! I got a replacement pad today and celebrated by doing a stoppie, clumsily, in a public place, nearly causing myself bodily injury.

Chef school has been exciting and fast paced; I need to write some of the things I’ve learned down or else it will vanish from my mind, never to be heard of again. We made soups and sauces this week. Beef consommé, French onion and chicken corn chowder were the soups and Béchamel, Velouté, Espagnole and Tomato were the sauces. My favorite was the corn chicken corn chowder, in fact I consumed an entire pot of it yesterday and then had to sleep it off. It is powerful stuff! But so delicious! 


The soup is easily made by combining chicken and butter in a saucepan, add some flour, a chopped up leek, 1/2cup of cream, chicken stock, potato, corn and red pepper. The ticket is the Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce. Season with paprika. Mmm. It is important not to boil it. 

I had a wild boar bacon and bleu cheese sandwich at Rashers yesterday. The bread was very crisp and I feel like I did the roof of my mouth an injury in eating it. I have found that pork is a very popular meat here, although it could be that I really don’t enjoy pork all that much and when I eat it, I notice it even more than the other meats. 

It was beautiful weather here today, 13 degrees, perfect sweater weather. It almost felt like spring! I am heading off to the climbing gym as soon as the sun goes down to subject my body to physical torture. I am kidding, of course, I love climbing. 



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