a weekend in the nation’s capitol

Welcome back! This past week brought midterms, snow, more snow and a trip to Ottawa.

Midterms for me were on Wednesday of last week. In the space of time from 7:30am until 10:30am we had to complete a list of tasks and recipes all from memory. The list was something like this:

Chicken Ballantine

Chicken stock

Julienne carrots

Julienne leeks

Small dice carrots

Small dice celery

Small dice onion

Mince garlic

Chop parsley

Butcher chicken

Orange Supreme

Tourné potato

Béchamel sauce

Poached egg

With the list in front of us we had to budget our time and get it right. Sort of tricky but I felt reasonably confident. The negative points that were raised were that my julienne was a bit too fat, the Ballantine could have had a bit more spice and I used the wrong knife for the orange supreme, resulting in more narrow pieces. Next time I will use a serrated knife instead of my chef’s knife. The positives were that my small dice was uniform and the correct size, my egg was poached correctly, and the chicken stock was clear and full of aroma.  

Thursday I made stock while the remainder of the students completed their midterms.


Friday school was cancelled due to an enormous dump of snow. I walked around downtown a bit to avoid cabin fever and witnessed eight streetcars lined up one behind each other on Queen.  Later in the evening some of my friends and I travelled up to Ottawa. 


Ottawa: the parliament, the Rideau Canal, hockey… what more is there to embody a truly Canadian experience? 


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