And smack, back to reality. (Do titles need to make sense?)

My, my… it has been a while since Ronando’s Kitchen has pumped out a steaming dish of rambles. I spent reading week out in Newfoundland; sleeping in, studying, hiking and just enjoying spending time with my bff/gf/bbg! I only cooked one meal all week! Mind you this was due to our host’s love of cooking as well!Image


This week was the final exam for the practical section of the beginner part of the course. I had my exam yesterday. We each had to make caesar salad for an appetizer, chicken chasseur, sautéed green beans with almonds and duchesse potatoes for the main and creme caramel for dessert. The appetizer had to come out at precisely 10:30, the main at 10:45 and the dessert at 11:00. Luckily I had the sense to buy all the ingredients and make the whole meal the night before and it helped me time everything just right. I certainly would have been lost had I not done that. I find out how I did tomorrow.  


I messed up the beans… 

I think I did alright on the other things though.


In other news, I got hit by a car whilst riding my bicycle home two days ago… No biggie, he turned into me and I drove straight into the passenger door. I wiped out, landed on my shoulder and face. Miraculously I just got a small bruise on my shoulder and a bit of a sore knee. The solid steel contraption I call my bike was unharmed as well. 

Also I think Chef was testing my organizational skills today; first he asked me to grab someone and organize the shelf of various pots and china caps, etc. Next he gave me a card for one of the other chefs he wanted me to get everyone to sign. Then he asked me to put together a list of the students and the times they should come in tomorrow to receive their mark. 

P.S… The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again” came on and I had to stop typing. First, goose-bumps then surges of adrenaline. 


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