It’s spring in Toronto!

Greetings all,

Spring has sprung in Toronto and the surrounding areas. This of course makes me incredibly happy because I am not the biggest fan of winter. Imagine a Stanley Cup match between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks; pick the team you hate the most and that one’s winter. 

Oh look, it’s a fire bucket, on a tall ship we rode on for a couple hours on the lake. The ride certainly wasn’t spectacular but hoisting the sails was really fun!


With spring has come reading books in the park….Image

The smell of flower blossoms…Image

And the potential for awesome canoe trips Just like the one we went on May long weekend! We traversed the mighty Saugeen River up in the Bruce Peninsula. The day was gorgeous; not too hot, yet warm enough to swim. The river was moving at a good pace so it allowed me to relax a bit with my feet up on the gunnels. 


So really, I’ve been spoiled the last few weeks. Honestly the only reason why I am doing a blog post tonight is because it is cold and windy out tonight for the first time in a while. I went out to grab some sushi, braced myself against the wind and thought it was a fine evening for typing in front of the computer. 




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