And I try to exhaust myself…

Due to a fast pitch of a baseball ricocheting off my metatarsal a week ago, I was momentarily out of commission. Not to be deterred, I went climbing not only in the gym but outdoors! We spent about five hours on Saturday climbing in the Escarpment with the Canadian Alpine Club. It was insanely fun! 


One of the cruxes stopped me… it was on a 5.9 but the end was more a 5.10. I am not really concerned about those things, I like to climb clean. 


After the long (for me) days climb, we drove home and we mostly sat around staring at things, attempting to lift our arms. Yesterday, because I was feeling sleepy, I went for a run for an hour and a half. Both activities are a necessity as come July, a group of us are attempting Mount Cline out in the Rockies. 


And for the people who are curious in some of the food I have been making…


It’s rabbit three ways, fiddleheads, tourne carrots, swiss chard deep-fried, sunchoke mash, and roasted tomato.



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