I’m bad at this!

Hey y’all… In the world of blogging, one must stay active and interactive to retain viewers and followers. This is something I am horrible at, especially in the summer! On top of everything else, I am now a married man. So hopefully I am excused. 

This summer, especially this July was jam-packed. I hardly had time to cook for myself. Well here’s how it ran:

After flying to Vancouver for two separate weddings on one day (I know, right) my soon-to-be-wife and I flew out to Alberta. My stag party consisted of climbing Mount Cline, an 11,000ft-er (3,364m) mountain on the border of Jasper National Park. 

We met the mountain guide at 8:00am and began bushwhacking our way to a creek and goat-trail which led us up steep terrain to a twin waterfall. Skirting the falls we quickly left the trees behind and traversed the scree to base camp at 2500 meters. 


We spent the afternoon climbing this gigantic boulder deposited by some glacial force thousands of years ago. There were a couple great routes we did. A 5.8 starter and a 5.10 crack climb. It is different climbing with mountaineering boots but still immensely fun.



We made camp at a bivy site and after a freeze-dried meal and oysters with hummus, we settled down in our sleeping bags at 7:00pm! This of course was necessary as the next morning we were awoken at 2:00 to start climbing. We went up the snow-slope visible in both photos, and traversed across a glacier. Next came the hairiest part. walking across this ridge of rock with 1000 meter shear drops on either side! One section was only 3 meters across and I felt like I should have be with an elf and a hobbit or two!

The most difficult part was that in this ridge, there are two sizeable cracks which we had to lower ourselves into, directly over the chasm and hop across to the other side! 


We made it to the summit at 7:00am and had awesome views of the Columbia Icefield, Mount Athabasca, Mount Temple, and Mount Hector.

A couple weeks later, I was married! It was an awesome day, pretty relaxed and all went smoothly. For our honeymoon, my wife and I went canoe-camping in Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario. It was great except I got eaten alive by bugs! My wife showed no bites at all, much to my chagrin! 


These are pictographs on Lake Quetico.Image

This is my back eaten by mosquitos. Notice the lines of dots? That had to be from one bug plunging its blood-sucking device into me MULTIPLE TIMES!!! Why?!! WHY?!!

It was very beautiful and I enjoyed it. We brought way too much stuff, and I knew we brought way too much stuff before we left and yet we still brought it! Some things are completely unnecessary: like a cooler. And a lot of the extra garments. Funny thing is  the first time I went backpacking, we brought way too much stuff as well. Lesson learned…


We survived…

After that we went to a pow-wow on Manitoulin Island. Interesting…

Did some bouldering too! In my socks…


Anyway, that’s it for now! Peace!


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